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Math Magic

Math Magician link -- cool site to practice math facts

Cool Link to Harry Potter -- Check it out!

Check out some of these cool Websites:
All of the resources below have been added to the Santee School District Curriculum Web Resource Page,
located under Staff Resources on the district Website.

Admongo--Advertising is everywhere. Here, kids learn critical thinking skills and
apply them to understand advertising.

You Are Here -- Visit a virtual mall and be a smarter consumer.

Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope -- WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a rich visualization environment that functions as a virtual telescope.
(Does require a download) -- Explore, learn and have fun.

Arcademic Skill Builders -- Free educational games to help master math and language arts.

Science Rules!

This is an awesome Website from our Science curriculum.
There are cool videos, crossword vocabulary, game show questions, online quizes, etc.
Check it out. You can do this at home.

Check out the district Web resources page:
We are constantly adding new Websites that I'm sure the students (and parents)
will find engaging and fun.

Here are Websites to practice keyboarding skills: - basic keyboarding, practice section, and game section - basic keyboarding practice, no games - basic keyboarding, no games

Below are some cool links to Coordinate Plane activities:

Hot Reading Website for Summer
Click here

A great summer resource for parents, it can help parents and children select appropriately leveled books and ones that they are interested in. It also helps parents set up rewards for their children based on the books they read and the tests they take on the site. It is kind of like AR.
They don't have as many books, but they have plenty. It is easy to print out a list of books available and take it to the library or bookstore when making summer book selections.
Check out Parent Place and Kid Zone. It's a pretty amazing resource to keep kids reading in summer.


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