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It is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to Room 11 at Carlton Hills Elementary School. With your encouragement, your child will share in many exciting and rewarding experiences throughout the school year. Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth.

My goal is to provide each student with an educational program that will improve his/her skills through direct teaching, guided instruction, independent skill reinforcement, collaborative learning activities, projects, field trips, and, of course, technology with our 1:1 Digital Learning Program. All students should receive their iPads by the second or third week of the term.

Briefly, about myself, Mr. Lindgren, I have over 25 years experience teaching and coaching. I grew up in San Diego, attended St. Augustine and Patrick Henry high schools and graduated from San Diego State University, where I also played baseball for the Aztecs. My first career (or passion) was as a sportswriter, and, if you read the sports section, there's a good chance you have seen my articles in the Union-Tribune or L.A. Times. I have been with the Santee School District for the past 19 years with previous assignments in grades 4-8.

We also have several other outstanding team teachers who your son or daughter may be involved, including Mrs. Ropple (Gr. 5), Mrs. Ellis (Gr. 5), Mrs. Barker (Gr. 6) or Mrs. Warren (Gr. 6). 

We are committed to the importance of parent involvement in a student's education. Your child receives the best education when you and the teacher work as a team. Regular attendance is also vital, and we will honor students with Perfect Attendance each month and trimester.

The following outlines my class rules, rewards, consequences, and classwork standards.


Discipline Your child deserves the most productive educational climate possible for academic growth. The plan below outlines the classroom rules, rewards and consequences for appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior. They are:


  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Treat teachers and others with respect at all times
  • Follow directions the first time given
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Contribute in a positive manner
  • Be polite


  • Satisfaction
  • Respect of others
  • Verbal praise
  • Good grades
  • Phone home
  • Class party
  • Free time
  • Fun box
  • Bean jar
  • Raffle ticket
  • Homework pass
  • Special praise
  • Consequences

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    • Warning

    • Time out/loss of recess
    • Parent contact/loss of privileges
    • Vice Principal
    • Suspension
    • Your child makes the choice to follow or not follow the class rules. When he/she makes that choice, your child also makes the choice for a positive or negative consequence.