Daily Assignments 2022-23

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iSchool Work Week

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  • Read 30 minutes a day
  • Achieve3000 - thousands of information Articles to choose from with Activity Lessons and Writing. We require at least 2 of these at 75% or better each week.
  • Picture Books
  • Epic!
    • Digital Books - We have the app on our iPad, but can also use any digital device. It is only free on school campus, but they offer a free 30-day trial at home.
  • Scholastic


  • Textbook -- Unit 2, starting on p. 48
  • Homework workbook -- Unit 2, starting on p. 40
  • ThinkCentral -- Unit 2 Lessons online:                                                       https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/logout.do 
  • Dreambox - We normally require at least 4 of these lessons completed each week
  • Practice multiplication facts. All students need a constant review and/or practice on their times table.
  • Add and subtract numbers up to 6 or 7 digits.
  • Multiply up to 4-digit x 2-digit. Ex. 4,785 x 78
  • Divide at least 4-digit x 1-digit. Ex. 2,842 / 8 or 2,842 / 12
  • Prodigy
  • Kahn Academy
  • Math Playground


  • Mystery Science    www.mysteryscience.com    https://mysteryscience.com/lessons/seasonal/halloween 
  • Twig Education - Tools, activities, lessons, videos. ww.twigeducation.com/covid19-us  

Physical Education:

Printable work pages:

More hands-on activities:

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Kids Hearth Challege


Explorers List

Choose One to Research and Report and Complete Explorer Project

Christopher Columbus - Italian explorer was first European to explore the New World in 1492 and return to tell about it.

Juan Cabrillo - Portuguese explorer was first European to explore the coast of California

Vasco Nunez de Balboa - Spanish conquistador was first European to reach the Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Panama and then explored California.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - Explored Mexico and southeastern United States for Spain and searched for mystical gold city of El Dorado.

Francis Drake - English explorer sailed northern California and helped discover San Francisco.

Sebastian Vizcaino - Spanish explorer sailed and made maps from San Diego to Monterey.

Vitus Bering - Russian sailed across the Pacific Ocean and discovered a water route from Russia to Alaska opening fur trade in California.

James Cook - English explorer and mapmaker sailed along West Coast of U.S.

Junipero Serra - Spanish priest started the first Mission in California in San Diego 250 years ago.

Gaspar de Portola - Spanish soldier ran California colony in late 1700s.

Juan Crespi - Spanish priest who traveled with Portola and kept a journal about his trip.

Juan Bautista de Anza - Spanish captain led an expedition that settled in San Francisco.

Ivan Kuskov - Russian led a group of fur trappers to north of San Francisco.

Ferdinand Magellan - Portuguese explorer was first to sail around the world in 1519.

John Sutter - Settler near Sacramento owned a fort where gold was first discovered in California in 1848.

Giovanni da Verrazzano - Italian navigator sailing for France explored much of western North American coast.

Thomas Cavendish - English explorer was the first to deliberately circumvent the Earth in late 16th century.

Websites to use for your Explorer Project:







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