Science Homework

Tentative Date



*Learning Log

**Extra Credit






Mon. 9/4

Lesson Objectives


No School

Classwork, Indep. Practice






Tues. 9/5


Finish Bottle Flip Challenge/Kahoot





Wed. 9/6

Unit 3-Lesson 1

Set up notebook, Storm related phenomena, 3 hail videos, notice and wonder




Thur. 9/7

Math diagnostic





Fri. 9/8

Unit 3-Lesson 1

Finish notice and wonder, initial model, Representing particle level changes-show particle simulation first






Mon. 9/11

Unit 3 Lesson 1

Consensus model/ Add Precipitation to vocab page, Driving Question Board






Tues. 9/12


Develop ideas for future investigations-poster







Wed. 9/13

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Observe hailstones, Notice and Wonder Chart, Group discuss similarities and differences






Thur. 9/14

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Analyze hail frequency map data, discuss findings, annotate in notebooks








Fri. 9/15

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Analyze hailstorm case







Mon. 9/18


Unit 3-Lesson 2 Analyze hail storm cases





Tues. 9/19


Unit 3-Lesson 2 Analyze hail storm cases





Unit 3-Lesson 3 Weather balloon videos and data






Thur. 9/21



Unit 3-Lesson 3 Consensus Model for temperature differences






Fri. 9/22


Catch up day






Mon. 10/2


Unit 3-Lesson 4 Sunlight and Temperature Investigation




Tue. 10/3

Unit 3- Lesson 4 Summarize data from investigation, update progress tracker




Wed. 10/4

Unit 3-Lesson 5 Soap Bottle and Bubble Investigation




Thurs. 10/5

Unit 3-Lesson 5 Heated Balloon Investigation




Fri. 10/6

Unit 3-Lesson 5 Update Progress tracker

Turn in notebook for a notebook check