Science Homework

Ch. 1   6th Grade     Unit 3 Weather, Climate and Water Cycling        

This can change daily depending on how much we are able to get through.                               


Tentative Date



Homework will always be what we didn't finish in class






Mon. 9/4

Lesson Objectives


No School

Classwork, Indep. Practice






Tues. 9/5


Finish Bottle Flip Challenge/Kahoot





Wed. 9/6

Unit 3-Lesson 1

Set up notebook, Storm related phenomena, 3 hail videos, notice and wonder




Thur. 9/7

Math diagnostic





Fri. 9/8

Unit 3-Lesson 1

Finish notice and wonder, initial model, Representing particle level changes-show particle simulation first






Mon. 9/11

Unit 3 Lesson 1

Consensus model/ Add Precipitation to vocab page, Driving Question Board






Tues. 9/12


Develop ideas for future investigations-poster







Wed. 9/13

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Observe hailstones, Notice and Wonder Chart, Group discuss similarities and differences






Thur. 9/14

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Analyze hail frequency map data, discuss findings, annotate in notebooks








Fri. 9/15

Unit 3-Lesson 2

Analyze hailstorm case







Mon. 9/18


Unit 3-Lesson 2 Analyze hail storm cases





Tues. 9/19


Unit 3-Lesson 2 Analyze hail storm cases





Unit 3-Lesson 3 Weather balloon videos and data






Thur. 9/21



Unit 3-Lesson 3 Consensus Model for temperature differences






Fri. 9/22


Catch up day