Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules





Class Rewards

Tickets- Students earn tickets for good choices, perserverence, kindness, and more! They can use the tickets to shop from my prize wall. 
Fun Friday- The whole class is able to earn fun activities and learning games on Friday afternoon.


Behavior Consequences

1- Warning
2- Teacher chooses your workplace (close proximity to teacher)
3- Lose out on a class activity/possible phone call home
4-Phone call/message home (possibly an office visit)

Please note: I am the kind of teacher that will discuss behaviors with your child. We will discuss why they are choosing certain behaviors, discuss what would be a better choice, and discuss ways they can remediate an issue if needed (with teacher support). I will always contact you when a behavior needs to be addressed at home. I believe that parent-teacher communication is of the utmost important in helping your child succeed. I also believe in a positive environment where your child realizes that it is okay to make mistakes as long as they make an effort to fix their mistakes!