Kari Tucker

I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Mrs. Tucker and I will be your 8th grade Language Arts, History, Math, Science and 7/8 P.E. teacher for the 2022-2023 school year.  This is my 13th year teaching. I taught 7th/8th grade language arts and history last year. I want to welcome you back to school, I am so excited to get started this year. This is such a big year for our 8th graders, their last year before entering high school. We have a lot of work to do to prepare them for high school, but so many fun and exciting activities happening too.

 I’m excited to dive in and get started. We are going to hit the ground running as we have a lot to cover this year. 

Language Arts: we will be working on vocabulary, grammar and comprehension through novel studies. 

Writing: we will focus on three genres; narrative, expository and argumentative.

History: we will be studying American History, so exciting to see how this country all began and how we came to be in the land of the free.

Math: we will be exploring algebra, geometry, statistics and data analysis

Science: we will be investigating contact forces and phenomena

 Supplies that you will need for this year are:

Binder 1 1/2 inch-1 binder for all classes



Colored Pencils

Pencils- Mechanical Preferred/Erasers

Pens (red, blue, black)

College Ruled Notebook (1 per class)

Graphing Notebook-Math Only

Scientific Calculator-Science Only


Earbuds-Must plug into I-pads

 Students-I am going to expect you to be responsible, kind and resourceful. You will be expected to be in class on time, have necessary supplies at your disposal, turn in assignments, be kind, attentive and cooperate.

 Parents- I am going to expect you to keep track of your child's grades through PowerSchool. If there are any concerns please take this up with your child first, they will always know why an assignment is missing or why they received a certain grade.

 I can’t wait to meet everyone and am looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Tucker      (619) 258-3420                [email protected]                      Room 204