Kari Tucker

Welcome back!


I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Mrs. Tucker and I will be your 6th grade Math, Science and PE teacher for the 2023-2024 school year. Some may know me or have seen me around campus these past few years. This is my 3rd year at Carlton Hills, but this is my 14th year teaching. I have taught many different grade levels from kindergarten to 8th grade in 4 different states. Both my kids attend Carlton Hills and will be in first and second grade.

 Mrs. Warren and I will be coring, which means the students will have me for math and science and Mrs. Warren for language arts and history. I’m excited to dive in and get started. We are going to hit the ground running as we have a lot to cover this year.

 For math science, we will be focusing on building upon our skills from 5th grade and learning new curriculum through problem solving within teams. This will be the first year that our students will be in the Junior High building; it can be a little intimidating and exciting, but Mrs. Warren and I will do our best to make it a seamless transition.

 Please see the syllabus for classroom information.

 Students-I am going to expect you to be responsible, kind, and resourceful. You will be expected to be in class on time, have necessary supplies at your disposal, turn in assignments on time, be attentive and collaborate in teams.

 Parents- I am going to expect you to keep track of your child's grades through PowerSchool. If there are any concerns, please take this up with your child first, they will always know why an assignment is missing or why they received a certain grade.

 Here is a checklist that you will need to complete by the end of the week.

  • Make sure your email and information is up to date in PowerSchool.
  • Go through the stack of papers brought home today, sign and return by the end of the week.
  • Check out my website at https://ch.santeesd.net/staff_websites/tucker

 I can’t wait to meet everyone and am looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Tucker

[email protected]                               Room 204                              (619) 258-3420