Quiz and Puzzle Page - Math

Quiz and Puzzle Page- Math


Everything you want to know about area and perimeter

Shape Surveyor

Area and Perimeter



Buzzing with Shapes

Symmetry lesson- turn up the volume!


Tangram lesson- turn up the volume!


More Tangrams

Even More Tangrams


Reading a Graph


Telling Time

Flashcard Clock

Stop the Clock 1

Stop the Clock 2

Stop the Clock 3

Stop the Clock 4

Stop the Clock 5

Stop the Clock - matching times

Smiley Clock

Feeding Time

What Time Will it Be?


How Many Cents?


Buy It!


Count the Money

Counting Money (easy-hard) drag and drop

Create a Graph

Dare to Compare

Adding and Subtracting

Adding doubles to 10

Adding doubles to 20

Adding doubles plus 1

Adding 9

Mixed practice

Subtraction #1

Subtraction #2

Subtraction #3

Subtraction with Regrouping

Flash Cards- Addition

Flash Cards- Subtraction

Math Magician- adding

Math Magician- subtraction

Add It Up

Test the Toad

Less Than/ Greater Than


Multiplication and Division

Multiplication- Start Here! Lesson One

Lesson Two!

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Multiplication Flash Cards-

choose your number to learn, then guess and click for the answer

Mystery Picture Multiplication Game

Robot Multiplication Game

Multiplication Quiz

Division Quiz

Flash Cards- Multiplication

Math Magician- multiplication

Math Magician- Math Magic

Division Mystery Picture

Place Value

Place Value lesson- turn up the volume!

Place Value- 3rd grade- ask teacher for recording paper

Place Value- 2nd grade

Place Value- 3rd grade

Place Value Golf

Place Value Playoff

Rounding- both grades


Patterns lesson- turn up the volume!

Crazy Pattern Machine

Pattern Mania


Great Diamond Hunt

Pizza Party

Second Grade Stuff

Second Grade Math

Math- Test Prep Game(1)

Math- Test Prep Game(2)

Measurement and Weight

Measurement lesson- turn up the volume!

Weight lesson- turn up the volume!