Classroom Expectations

I am looking forward to a year full of adventure and learning with your child. Children are remarkable and flexible little beings that are capable of amazing things. I feel it is my job to meet your child where he or she is, and then bring him or her as far forward as I possibly can. With that said, I will need your help this year to assure academic success for your child.

  1. SLEEP AND DRESS Make sure your child has had enough sleep each night and that he or she is dressed properly. Please send your child in appropriate clothing and shoes. Though little "strappy" sandals are cute, girls often can't function at school while wearing them. Tennis shoes are the best all around shoe for school. If it is a chilly morning, please dress your child in layers so that he or she is able to adjust clothing to match his or her comfortable temperature. *Please mark all clothing with first and last name and check the Lost and Found often.

  2. FOOD Please send your child to school with an appropriate healthy breakfast. High sugar foods such as donuts often negatively effect learning. If you are always in a hurry in the mornings, try stocking yogurt, instant oatmeal cups, string cheese, peanut butter and crackers, fruit, etc. in your kitchen so that you are able to send your child with a breakfast on the go. *Children are allowed to bring healthy snacks to school as well, but snack time isn't until 9:30. Remember school breakfasts are also available (bring your child by 7:30 if you wish him or her to participate in that program...see the monthly district menu for more information and prices).

  3. ACADEMIC SUPPORT All children learn at different rates yet they are expected to meet the same academic standards, and if they fail to meet those standards on the same time line as other children, they can fall behind in school. As a staff, Carlton Hills teachers are dedicated to doing our absolute best to make sure your child gets all the help we can possibly give at school, however, we will need your involvement at home. The homework is MANDATORY...please do not show your child bad habits by making excuses as to why it wasn't completed. I have provided a weekly homework which will allow you flexibility as a family to complete the work when possible. I understand about baseball, soccer schedules, and family events so it is my attitude that you may do the work whenever it is convenient for your family, but I need it turned in on the due date. If you happen to forget on the day the homework is due, please turn it in the following school day. READING is the most imperative activity on the calendar. Your child must practice reading daily to become an excellent reader. It is my goal to send a room full of excellent readers onto the next grade level. Please take the time to listen to your child read daily and then ask several comprehension questions of your child to make sure he or she understands what he or she is reading.

  4. READING BOOKS Please have your child practice reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, 30 minutes is actually better. Choose high interest books at your child's reading level. (comic books, non-fiction, sports books, art books, etc are all the type of engaging books I'm referring to). A quick way to check if the book is appropriate, is to have your child read the first page aloud. If your child makes more than five errors, the book is too hard for independent reading. If your child makes ten or more errors, the book is beyond your child's current level and probably should be put on the "save this for later list." 

  5. WHAT TO BRING AND WHAT NOT TO BRING TO SCHOOL - If you child needs glasses, please make sure he or she has them on daily before leaving for school. Please do not allow your children to bring jewelry, toys, or other items that can be fiddled with during class.

  6. SCHOOL SUPPLIES I appreciate ALL the parents who have offered to send in school supplies. Currently, I have provided your child with everything he or she needs to complete his or her school assignments. It has been my experience that items sent in from home often become distractions. So please DO NOT send in random supplies from home. It would be majorly helpful to me if you would simply donate items such as: pencil top erasers, triangular pencils (Ticonderoga brand can be found at office supplies such as Office Depot - these pencils are shaped for proper grip and have a thick lead which doesn't break easily), anti-bacterial soap (We have a lemon themed classroom and lemon scented soap would be fun), students LOVE the big boxes of Crayola brand crayons - 64 count (these are the strongest and don't frustrate children by breaking easily) and the big boxes have many colors the little ones do not have, paper towels, disinfectant wipes for desks. Small sets of toys for our student reward store (when I say sets, I mean 25+). Ideas for the store "prizes" are: pencils, superballs, fun erasers, snap bracelets, colored pens,