Citizenship Rubric

The Target is Excellent Citizenship



*Frequently provides positive leadership

*Actively takes part in and adds to class activities

*Volunteers to help others

*Practices a high level of self-discipline

*Demonstrates high level accountability and responsibility

*Assignments are always turned in on time and completed with integrity

*Never talks out in class inappropriately

*Keeps on task without monitoring

*Consistently follows classroom standards




*Occasionally provides positive leadership

*Consistently takes part in class activities

*Helps others

*Maintains positive relationship with peers

*Keeps on task

*Works well in groups and independently

*Works without disturbing others

*Consistently turns in assignments on time and with high level of integrity

*Developing responsibility in all areas

*Follows classroom standards




*Usually practices self-discipline

*Participates in class activities

*Helps others when/if asked

*Does not talk out inappropriately

*Keeps on task most of the time

*Usually works independently without disruptions to others or to self

*Emerging responsibility in all areas



Needs Improvement

*Occasionally talks out inappropriately

*Seldom participates in class activities

*Occasionally distracts others

*Often off task

*Has difficulty following classroom standards

*Monitoring required during independent work

*Engages in negative peer behavior

*Needs improvement on responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline

*Integrity of work needs improvement

*Does not always follow teacher redirection




*Frequently talks out and needs teacher intervention

*Rarely participates in class activities

*Distracts others

*Often makes disruptive remarks in class

*Rarely on task

*Lack of adherence to classroom standards

*Initiates negative peer behavior

*Lacks self-discipline

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