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Mrs. Ren Brown

In my classroom we have stations separated by color.

Red= Independent

Orange- Three step activities

Yellow- Reading/Edmark

Green- Math

Blue- Life Skills

We have adapted PE on Mondays and Tuesdays, where we get to go to another classroom and learn a new sport every few weeks. We have done football and basketball, weights, running, and even an obstacle course that our kids love!

We go to the library on Tuesdays, listen to a story read by the librarian, then get to choose a new book to read/look through before heading back to class. We take our books back to class with us and enjoy reading them during free time.

On Thursdays we have speech! Ms. D comes to our room and teaches us our word of the week, communicates with us using our AAC devices (or our spoken words) and we play games and sing songs to learn new words!

On Fridays our 6th grade buddies come visit us in the morning for a fun craft! When our crafts are done, we play card games or toys with our buddies before they leave our room.