About Our Curriculum

We are a bright group of first graders working diligently to meet the California Content Standards and working on the Common Core Standards for first grade learners.

We are working on our writing, reading, math, science, art, computers, p.e., and social studies.

Some curriculum highlights include:

We are learning about capitals, periods, question marks, commas, indenting, and how to write a paragraph. We are also practicing our neatest printing. Additionally, we are learning how to choose one topic and stay on that topic throughout our writing.

We have started our reading series and we are beginning to focus on a small group reading and individualized reading lessons.

We are learning to count, read addition sentences and are learning the meanings of the words: addend, sum, and equals.

We will be learning that plants and animals meet their needs in different ways all, learning about weather, and liquids and solids.

Social Studies:
We are currently working on learning how to use maps and globes to find our place in this world. We will also be learning about family history, sources used to discover it and traditions.

This year we will be exploring some fun and creative ways to express ourselves. We are also studying classic artists and will become experts on Claude Monet, Matisse, and more. 

We are teaming with Mrs. Fossing and Ms. Verdugo's classes to work from the Sparks P.E. program, but will remain in separate cohorts until COVID restrictions allow intermingling.