Fine Arts Links

Sing Along Pages All kinds of songs to sing along with on your computer- from the National Institute of Environmental Science
"The Star Spangled Banner" A Smithsonian Museum site dedicated to the National Anthem
Chrome Music Lab
fun Online music apps 
Math Science Music
resources for cross-curricular music lessons
coloring pages coloring pages of famous artists
Pysanka Egg art and how-to files
Pysanky Gallery Ukrainian egg-art gallery
Pysanky Examples Examples of Ukrainian egg art
interactive art lesson Be a detective, and find out about a missing painting.
another online lesson A great online art adventure
paper star one kind of Moravian paper star origami Christmas tree
another paper star This is a fun, 3-D star
hexagonal snowflake Make a correct paper snowflake
Online Snowflake Maker use HTML5
M. C. Escher This amazing artist is known for his optical illusion pictures.
Origami How-to and beautiful examples of the fine art of paper folding, Japanese-style
art lessons Online art lessons. The first page has lots of advertisements. Ignore them, and use the index on the left-hand side.
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci site connecting art and science
art history Web adventure on art history
Metropolitan Museum the famous New York museum
The Art Institute of Chicago Chicago art museum
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston the guide to the collection is a good overview
National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
The Smithsonian Institution not just art...
San Diego Museum of Art our local museum
WebMuseum index to online gallery time periods and artists