Parent Connection

What can you do to help?

Family Clipart

  • Model the importance of education
  • Check the homework calendar each night
  • Ask "What is the best thing that happened at school today?" and really listen to the answer
  • Have your child show you their completed work
  • Talk to your child about what they are learning
  • Ask questions - probe for details
  • Give assistance, but don't do the work for them
  • Emphasize hard work, respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness
  • Read with your child and share a love for learning
  • Ask them who they were kind to today at school
  • Encourage them to be the "nice" kid and make each day a better place by their choices
  • Look over the papers in the homework folder
  • Talk or email Mrs. Bennett with questions, concerns, or compliments
  • Get involved at school - PTA, School Site Council, Carnival, cutting/stapling/organizing at home, room parent, send donations for celebrations, etc.



We can always use gift cards for Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco, Dollar Tree, and Barnes & Noble for classroom materials.

Personally, Mrs. Bennett loves Starbucks :) Starbucks Music - YouTube